Transitional Learning Center

On May 1, 2008, The Transitional Learning Center (TLC) opened the doors to its new 16-bed post acute brain injury rehabilitation facility in Lubbock, Texas. Lubbock already has extraordinary healthcare resources and this state-of-the-art brain injury rehabilitation program will add to and improve the quality of life and maximize independent functioning in daily living, work and leisure for individuals with acquired brain injury after they are healthy enough to leave the hospital.

Following is the Mission Statement for The Transitional Learning Center (TLC):

“The Transitional Learning Center has a tri-fold Mission: treatment, research and training. TLC provides a continuum of post-acute, consumer driven rehabilitation programs to persons with acquired and traumatic brain injury. Our programs have the purpose of improving quality of life and maximizing independent functioning in daily living, work, and leisure in the least restrictive environment, and the most cost-effective, efficient manner possible.

The research programs study issues in post-acute brain injury rehabilitation in order to improve the quality of services and contribute progressive knowledge to employees, consumers and professionals through ethical, legal and systematic process.

The training education component, through internships, student and post-graduate rotation, seminars and training sessions, disseminate information and increases knowledge and skills relevant to professionals, families and various publics, in order to promote and advocate for the needs of persons who have sustained brain injuries as well as support systems for its prevention.”

Doctor Wolcott serves as Medical Director for the Lubbock facility of The Transitional Learning Center.

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